Commercial Photography

My style of photography lends itself to every kind of business and website, but I specialise in beautiful exterior and interior photography for a range of properties such as luxury catered chalets, hotels, apartments and houses for estate agents and private vendors to maximise rentals and sales.

Every job and every project is different and requires a tailor-made approach, from websites to brochures, advertising, interior design, editorial, PR and marketing images.

I work closely with my clients to find out what their photography needs to achieve, and I’m happy to attend meetings and site visits with you, your project manager, interior designer or architect to find the perfect solution for your product or property.

For a tailor-made quotation or simply to chat and find out more, please send me an email.

photo commerciale

Je suis spécialisée dans la prise de vue de paysages mais également d’intérieurs pour des chalets luxueux, des hôtels ou des appartements destinés à la location dans des agences immobilières ou pour des personnes privées, afin de mettre en valeur leur location ou leur bien destiné à la vente.

Tout travail ou projet est différent et demande une approche sur mesure, la photo est un outil marketing tres puissant surtout pour votre site internet.
J’essaie d’être au plus proche de mes clients, afin de comprendre quel genre de photographies ils souhaitent et je me réjouis d’avance de vous rencontrer, vous ou votre responsable de projet, designer intérieur ou architecte afin de déterminer la meilleure solution à votre projet.

Pour obtenir un devis sur mesure, ou simplement pour parler de votre projet, n’hésitez pas à me contacter.

Food Photography

It’s hardly surprising that I love this type of photography, as for me food represents many of the good things in life, its family and socializing at its best.

In Italy everything happens around the meal table – important decisions, business meetings and family occasions. It’s ingrained in our culture and France, my adopted country, follows those same principles.

Making food look good in a photograph is not an easy task, it needs total complicity and understanding between the chef and the photographer. However, when it comes together the results are truly artistic, and that’s what I love, the emotion and aesthetics are clearly visible.

Photo Culinaire

Si j’aime tant ce genre de photographie, ce n’est pas anodin ! En Italie (tout comme en France) on se retrouve toujours autour d’une bonne table, c’est là qu’on se retrouve en famille, qu’on prend les décisions, qu’on parle affaires ou qu’on reçoit les amis.

En revanche, la photographie culinaire ne s’improvise pas, il faut gérer les lumières, la réflexion et la composition de la photo. La technique toute seule ne suffit pas, il faut compter sur la passion aussi !

On ne peut pas négliger une bonne table…Il faut aussi compter sur une bonne complicité avec le chef afin de créer des photos artistiques visuellement et qui évoquent des émotions à la personne qui les voit.


Our Customers

"Gio really understood our requirements and produced exceptional photos which were exactly as we hoped for…and beyond."

Tim Scott
“I asked Gio to produce a range of photographs for the new Chalet Vinson website. Her energy and enthusiasm soon became very apparent. Gio worked tirelessly until we got every shot that was needed and, furthermore, she went on to create many additional outstanding and artistic photos. She has a natural ability to come up with clever and unique pictures. I was very impressed and would have no hesitation recommending her for your photographic requirements.”

Ian Macfarlane
"Gio has now photographed four properties for our company and we are absolutely delighted with each and every one of them. Gio’s photographs speak for themselves in terms of quality but it is her dedication to perfection that has equally impressed us. She takes as much care in post production as she does on site and will spend time capturing the exact image you are looking for. She was patient and understanding when we had to move items from room to room or take time between shots to dress rooms. Presenting the best possible photograph was as important to Gio as it was to us and we would not hesitate to recommend her to others and we will undoubtably be enlisting her services again."

Wendy Hunter